Nepali Breakfast | Wholesale

Nepali Breakfast | Wholesale
Nepali Breakfast | Wholesale

Nepali Breakfast | Wholesale

Flavor Notes: Warm Spices | Cinnamon | Gingerbread

Nepali Breakfast is a medium-bodied black tea with distinct masala chai notes that energize it. Cardamom and black pepper combine to provide a warm spice that permeates the entire tea.

Brewing instruction (Hot brew): 2gms | 8fl. oz. | 210F | 5 mins

Caffeine level: ●●●○

Health benefits: Anti-oxidant | Boosts energy

  • MOQ: 1 KG (2.2 lbs.)
  • USDA Organic, CERES certified
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We wanted to experiment with tea blending, which was not widespread in Nepal until a few years ago, so we came up with the idea for this breakfast tea mix when we were building our first tea bar there. Even though it was the most popular type of tea consumed in Nepal, each household created its own manual brews, usually combining the spices themselves. In Nepal, there wasn't a common idea for tea mixes. Both locally and globally, the name and our recipe have been met with great enthusiasm. Actually, our best-selling tea in the US is Nepali Breakfast.

Our Kanchanjangha Noir organic black tea, organic ginger, organic black cardamom, organic cinnamon leaf and black pepper

Nepali Breakfast is a black tea with organic spices. The base of this black tea is made using our best selling “Kanchanjangha Noir” Black Tea. Warming spices such as organic ginger, organic black cardamom, organic cinnamon leaf and black pepper is added to this black tea, giving it the ultimate chai tea flavor. This combination creates the most unique and flavorful black tea with spices that easily replicates the dense aromas and warm spice of a traditional Nepali chai tea (Nepali Chiya).

Alongside our “Kanchanjangha Noir” Black Tea, each herbs and spices mentioned above are produced at our family farm; Kanchanjangha Tea Estate and Research Center (KTERC), hand cultivated by our local farmers. All the mentioned herbs are meticulously cleaned, and dried according to each of their criterias. The final dried spices and loose leaf black tea are mixed together to create our best and only chai tea mix “Nepali Breakfast”.

Kanchanjangha Tea Estate and Research Centre Pvt. Ltd (KTERC). KTERC is Nepal’s first certified organic tea garden. Mr. Deepak Prakash Baskota founded it in 1984 with the goal of eliminating poverty in his neighborhood. It continues to be a model social enterprise that operates on cooperative infrastructure and prioritizes people and the environment over profit.

Those who enjoy masala chai will adore this Nepali breakfast tea. Even though it excludes several traditional Indian masala chai components like cloves, star anise, and green cardamom, it will undoubtedly open your eyes to the beauty and simplicity of a simple cup of chai.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Gina Martello

Wonderful Teas that we sell in our brick and mortar retail stores. Just added to our website. We know that our customers will continue to discover Nepal Teas and their quality.

Dawn Casey-Rowe
Perfectly balanced

This breakfast tea is really an "all the time" tea. It's flavorful and perfectly balanced. I'll be ordering it frequently in bulk.

First order

Excellent chai! Will order more

Pratik Rijal

Nepali Breakfast

Heidi Enge
Lovely Breakfast Tea

I loved the Nepali Breakfast Tea! While it was not as strong as other breakfast teas, the flavors were out of this world fantastic! Drinking the tea is like wrapping yourself in a comfy blanket as you watch and savor a slow, beautiful sunrise. Warm, happy, gentle and very tasty. Love the spices blended with the tea.

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