Shangri-La Oolong | Wholesale

Shangri-La Oolong | Wholesale
Shangri-La Oolong | Wholesale

Shangri-La Oolong | Wholesale

Flavor Notes: Biscuits | Sweet Spices | Caramel

Organic Oolong Tea

A spicy, high-quality loose-leaf oolong tea with notes of pepper and biscuits. This robust oolong has caramel and malt aromas along with silky tannins.

Brewing instruction (Hot brew): 2gms | 8fl. oz. | 180F | 4 mins

Caffeine level: ●●●○

Health benefits: Anti-oxidant | Promotes relaxation

  • MOQ: 1 KG (2.2 lbs.)
  • USDA Organic, CERES certified
  • In stock, ready to ship
  • Inventory on the way
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On a journey of experimentation to create the finest and freshest oolong teas in the world, we created Shangri-La Oolong as one of our first oolong experiments. This velvety brew will refresh and revitalize. Shangri-La Oolong also makes a delicious, refreshing cold brew that is perfect for the hot summer months. Shangri-La Oolong Tea originates from our tea estate in the eastern region of Nepal, nestled in the foothills of Mt. Kanchanjangha, the third-highest mountain in the world. Our close-knit community is ideally located between Illam, Nepal's most renowned tea-growing region, to the north, and the western borders of Darjeeling, India, capturing the benefits of both regions. Grown at altitudes of 1300 to 1800 meters (4,200 to 6,000 feet), our Shangri-La Oolong Tea thrives in the pristine Himalayan climate, resulting in its uniquely distinctive and fragrant flavor profile.

Oolong Tea (Camellia Sinensis)

Our Shangri-la Oolong is quite an artistic and unique loose-leaf bulk oolong tea. It is not as subtle and/or light as Taiwanese oolongs, rather, it mostly resembles some darker roasted Chinese Oolongs. It does not follow the multiple rolling and oxidation processes that a typical oolong would go through. Instead, matured leaves are plucked, withered for a few hours, and placed through an enzyme to soften the leaves and also stop the oxidation to a degree. The tea leaves then go through about a 30-40-minute rolling process at varying pressure levels. The soft and rubbery leaves are oxidized for another 2 hours before finishing the tea in a commercial dryer resulting in a darker quite heavily oxidized nutty oolong. We’ve been a fan of this oolong tea since its first production and have received tremendous positive reviews ever since.

Kanchanjangha Tea Estate and Research Centre Pvt. Ltd (KTERC). KTERC is Nepal’s first certified organic tea garden. Mr. Deepak Prakash Baskota founded it in 1984 intending to eliminate poverty in his neighborhood. It continues to be a model social enterprise that operates on cooperative infrastructure and prioritizes people and the environment over profit.

Both novice and experienced tea drinkers will be delighted by this loose-leaf oolong tea. There will undoubtedly be much discussion about whether this is better categorized as an oolong or a black tea, and the debate will continue to be lively. Those who appreciate Darjeeling teas or any Chinese or roasted Taiwanese oolongs will undoubtedly be positively amazed by this tea's capabilities. We also suggest that you try our oolong tea cold-brewed; you may find it to be quite different!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Robin Peters

The service was great and the tea wonderful look forward to a future of bringing your tea on the menu

Kristin B
Great Oolong Tea!

Love this Oolong tea! Great flavor and less caffeine than black tea.

Definitely premium

Great tea

This Highly Nuanced Oolong Makes An Exploration of Taste.

Shangri-La Oolong is an awesome tea; the rich flavours of this tea stand up to three infusions before they begin dropping off. In these early infusions, you enjoy notes of honey, pepper, minerals, wood, and smoke. This highly nuanced oolong makes an exploration of taste.

Daniel Armstrong
Solid Oolong

I have tried almost all of Napal Tea's teas, and this is probably the most nuanced of them all. The flavor is more like a high mineral black tea than any other oolong I've had, but its rich and sweet with deep body. Daily drinker material.

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