Ganesha Green | Wholesale

Ganesha Green | Wholesale
Ganesha Green | Wholesale

Ganesha Green | Wholesale

Flavor Notes: Buttery Sweet | Ocean Spray | Kelp

A medium-bodied premium green tea with a smoky and nutty aroma, such as pine and grilled macadamia nuts. This tea has prominent marine flavors of kelp and seaweed.

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  • USDA Organic, CERES certified
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Camellia Sinensis

The process of making tea begins with the selection of a few top leaves and buds from each tea plant. These fresh, green leaves are taken to a processing factory quickly to prevent oxidation. The leaves are then placed in troughs for a brief period to prepare them for the enzymer machine. The enzymer machine uses dry heat to remove moisture from the leaves and reduce the oxidation process, which would otherwise turn the leaves brown and produce black tea. This process also enhances the smoky and nutty flavors in the tea and softens its appearance.

After the rolling process, the leaves are allowed to sit and cool for approximately 15-20 minutes before being dried. This resting period helps to develop the final buttery and toasty flavors in the tea, and requires the skill and experience of the tea maker to determine the optimal timing for drying. Green tea does not typically undergo an oxidation process. Our loose leaf teas are vouched to be of the highest of quality and are available to be purchased wholesale.

Kanchanjangha Tea Estate and Research Center Pvt. Ltd. (KTERC) is the first certified organic tea garden in Nepal. It was founded in 1984 by Mr. Deepak Prakash Baskota to lift his community out of poverty. KTERC is still a model social enterprise that operates using cooperative infrastructure and prioritizes people and the environment before profit.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Nabin Banskota
Amazing product and delivery

Love Kumari Gold and Ganesha Green

A green tea with depth

Excellent everyday green tea, smooth with deep notes of nut and seaweed.

Great Green Tea

A well-balanced favourite tea of mine. I brew it several times!

Robert Kellogg
Ganesha Green

Named after the Hindu god Ganesh, known as the Elephant God and the remover of obstacles, is the morning tea I turn to to get my day off on the right foot!

An Interesting And Worthwhile Brew

Ganesha Green has vegetal marine flavours; you can taste kelp and hints of ocean spray. The unique combination of seaweed and nuts makes this tea an interesting brew and worthwhile addition to one's tea shelf!

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