Everest Black: Highest Elevation Tea

The Everest Black Tea is unlike any black tea that you have ever tasted. It is cultivated in the tea farms that reside in the foothills of Mount Everest, the crown jewel of the Himalayas. This Top of the World Tea is a unique black tea hailing from the Solukhumbu region of Nepal, brought to you by Nepal Tea Collective.

This tea is grown at the soaring farms of Bhakanje Tea Estate at a staggering elevation of 8,786 feet (2678 meters) above sea level. The cold breeze of the Himalayan winds and the light drizzle of the monsoon rains infuse the leaves with a distinct character. This results in sustained growth of the tea plant and a complex and full-bodied black tea experience.


The complex, yet unique flavor profile of the Everest Black Tea will bring your taste buds back to life. A robust, earthy character with hints of eucalyptus and a touch of sweetness, it will feel like an aroma storm inside your mouth. The leaves of the Everest Black Tea are curled in order to protect it from any damage during the transportation process. This curled tea retains the true essence of the Everest Black Tea causing the liquor to be a beautiful, rich amber color, with a smooth and lingering finish. This tea is a true representation of the unique terroir of the Solukhumbu region, where the interplay of altitude, climate, and traditional cultivation methods yields an unparalleled cup. Its first sip will awaken your senses. As the tea lingers on your palate, subtle notes of eucalyptus and a touch of sweetness emerge, creating a harmonious and satisfying experience. 


The Everest Black Tea imparts the high elevation and terroir of the Bhakanje Tea Estate at the elevation of 8,786 feet (2678 meters) above sea level. Because of Solukhumbu's high altitude and cool climate, the tea leaves grow slowly and deliberately. This extended growing period gives them enough time to develop a much more complex flavor profile, unlike teas from warmer regions that grow comparatively quickly. The monsoon rains, a hallmark of the Himalayan summer, further enhance the character of this Black tea. The moisture of the rain fills the tea leaves with a distinctive aroma and taste. 

An overhead image of Everest Black Tea.

Being the world's highest tea estate, it experiences a delayed spring season. It's like a special pass for them to grow a little longer. The chilly mountain air at Bhakanje acts as a natural bug barrier, keeping the tea plants insect-free. This makes the tea plants naturally reduce the production of bitter compounds called the Polyphenic compounds. On that account, our special Everest Black Tea never gets bitter due to reduced bitter compounds in the tea plant. Yes!! You can steep it for as long as you wish to, the Everest Black Tea just doesn't get bitter. 

It all adds up to a truly exceptional Everest Black Tea. The high-altitude farms at Bhakanje are the key ingredient, with each added meter playing a role in the tea's unique character. That’s why you are able to taste the smooth and nuanced notes of the Everest Black Tea, that the lower elevations teas lack. 


Heard all about Bhakanje's Everest Black Tea? The grand snow capped mountains, the slow-growing leaves for its refined flavors, and the monsoon season's special touch? You would be amazed to explore the farm where this tea was handcrafted! The Bhakanje Tea Estate is a young project, founded in 2019 by the Himalayan Project Nepal (HIPRON), a non-profit focused on helping the Solukhumbu community thrive. This co-operative model tea estate organizes over 40 farmers and their individual farms who operate everyday to deliver the freshest batch of tea leaves to the tea estate. They heavily prioritize a fair trade policy catered to provide well for all their farmers. The farms affiliated with the estate are a network of small, individually-owned farms scattered across elevations ranging from 1800 meter to 2678 meters above sea level. 

A farmer working on the tea farm.

The tea estate's heart; the production factory is situated at an elevation of 2450 meters. This elevation playground has helped the Bhakanje Tea Estate to produce extraordinary teas like our Everest Black Tea. During harvest season, these dedicated farmers deliver their leaves daily to the central factory. There, the magic happens! Harvests are carefully blended, transforming them into extraordinary teas. 


As highlighted earlier, Bhakanje Tea Estate was solely established and curated to be a lifeline for the people residing in the Solukhumbu region. After success with education projects around the region, HIPRON saw tea as a sustainable way to boost local incomes. Janaki Khadka, a passionate member of HIPRON since its start, was instrumental in building the estate and crafting their Everest Black Tea. Her journey with tea began as a student working with HIPRON, where she met fellow tea sommelier Sonam. This sparked a deep appreciation for tea and became the driving force behind building the Bhakanje Tea Estate. 

A portrait image of Janaki Khadka.

We have highlighted a smidge of the entire story behind the tea estate. Here, you can read more about the Bhakanje Tea Estate, its affiliation with HIPRON, Janaki Khadka and Papa Kurts contributions to the tea estate and creating our Everest Black Tea. So, the next time you savor a cup of our Everest Black Tea, remember the heart and soul poured into every sip. It's an indication of Janaki Khadka’s energizing spirit and a reminder that even the most ambitious dreams can be fulfilled, even amidst the harshest conditions. 


The story behind the Everest Black Tea is awe-inspiring but the tea is even more sensational. Our customers can't get enough of the Everest Black Tea! Their glowing reviews praise it as a masterpiece crafted by the dedicated tea farmers at the Bhakanje Tea Estate. Here's a taste of what our tea enthusiasts are saying:

Ken Caine: "A subtle and earthy-sweet tea with an amazing aroma. The flavor intensifies beautifully with each steep, offering a unique experience in every cup. The story behind the tea adds to its charm. Highly recommended!"

Kathleen Casper: "This tea is pure joy! Rich, full-bodied flavor and uplifting aromas make it a true delight. Nepal Tea Collective deserves all the support – they bring us exceptional tea experiences."

Blake Wendelburg: "Nepal Tea Collective's Everest Black Tea lives up to its name – it's the pinnacle of black teas I've ever tasted!"

These are just a few of the many satisfied customers who have savored the tea and loved every bit of the Everest Black Tea. 


The Top of the World; Everest Black Tea presents a unique opportunity for wholesalers to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. This exclusive, high-quality black tea caters to a clientele seeking a truly unique tea experience. With its fascinating origin story, complex flavor profile, limited availability, and connection to the majestic Himalayas, the Everest Black Tea is sure to be a conversation starter and a cherished addition to any tea lover's collection.

By offering this exceptional tea, you'll not only be providing your customers with a superior cup, but you'll also be supporting a sustainable livelihood project that empowers the Solukhumbu community.

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