Nepal Tea Collective: Bringing Bulk Organic Tea from the Himalayas

Grown on some of the youngest tea mountains in the world are some of the youngest and most tender tea leaves: Nepal’s high-altitude specialty teas!  And bringing you, tea lovers across the world, these bulk organic tea leaves is our young team at Nepal Tea Collective. 

Nepal Tea Wholesale Bulk Organic Tea

Introducing Bulk Organic Tea Leaves from Nepal

Like most things from Nepal, a small and landlocked Himalayan region bordering two tea giants: China and India, Nepal Tea Collective also started small. 

In fact, our very first organic farm in Phidim, now a vibrant tea mountain in Eastern Nepal, was a two-person effort, led by our founder Nischal Banskota’s parents. They planted their very first tea saplings in their own back-yard almost forty years ago. They cultivated and harvested fresh tea leaves with the help of their friends and neighbors. 

Eventually the garden grew into the first, organic certified tea farm in the region. Over four decades, tea production in Nepal’s tea mountains has seen a lot of progress. An influx of tea masters, tea teachers and highly experienced tea producers from both Darjeeling and China has had an influence on our tea making practices. 

But what has truly made our tea making special is the small, organic, and community-led tea production common to Nepal’s tea region that allows tea farmers and tea producers a lot of independence and creative freedom. 

While the mineral-rich slopes, fresh snow-melt waters, tea plantations shaded by tall trees, and the flux of snowy Himalayan breezes and warm breezes rising gently off the Bay of Bengal already makes teas from Nepal naturally floral, delicious and particularly unique, the experimental spirit and artistic passion of our tea makers also makes Nepal’s tea leaves some of the rarest in the world! 


Bringing Fresh Bulk Organic Tea Leaves from Nepal to the World 

Our Co-Founder - Nepal Tea Collective Bulk Organic Tea

Our founders Nischal Banskota and Pratik Rijal grew up close to tea leaves at all stages: growing in tea gardens, at different stages of production, as well as bulks of final tea leaves, dried, packaged and vacuum sealed. They grew up in households that started and ended days with rich infusions of Nepali teas.

Growing up in Nepal, they were also deeply familiar with the ins and outs of tea making and Nepal tea business. 

However, it wasn’t until they moved to the States for college that they were fully exposed to the thriving world of tea. 

As the most popular beverage in the world, ignoring plain water, the world of tea is indeed huge. Tea is beloved the world over – and with the world becoming smaller and smaller, tea lovers are able to enjoy teas from all the best tea-growing regions of the world. 

What the two young tea producers were especially struck by was the lack of Nepali tea’s presence in the global tea market. Even veteran tea lovers and tea connoisseurs barely knew about Nepal’s teas – the quality and rarity of Nepal’s high-altitude tea leaves

So as Nishchal and Pratik set their roots as first-generation immigrants in New York City, they also decided to bring the delights of organic and delicious bulk organic tea leaves from Nepal to tea lovers all over the U.S. and the world. 

The Social Impact of Bulk Organic Tea Leaves from Nepal: 

Social Impact - Nepal Tea Collective Bulk Organic Tea

Tea trade has been one of the most revolutionary social and financial catalysts in Nepal’s Eastern Tea Mountains – especially when Nepal’s specialty tea leaves are sustainably sourced,  directly supplied, and our farmers are paid fairly for their skill and hard-work. We are committed to creating value for our wholesale customers who buy our bulk organic tea leaves, for avid tea lovers who have connected with us, and particularly for our farmers and producers on the ground. 

Here’s how we do it (but not without the trust and love of our buyers): 

  • We partner with smallholder, high-altitude organic farms across Eastern Nepal to sustainably source high-quality loose-leaf tea leaves. With our fair-trade model, we have been able to uplift the income of 700+ farmers by 33% since 2016. Our goal is to uplift a million farmers in the region – so we have lengths to go still. (By the way, premium quality and freshness are our core requirements, so after rounds of sorting, testing and tasting, we make sure to vacuum pack our teas right on the farms before transporting them directly to our consumers.)
  • We want the supply chain to be short and transparent. We make sure to document the journey of the bulk tea leaves from the moment they are harvested to the moment they land on your doorstep. By scanning a code printed on every single one of our packages, tea lovers can follow the exact journey of the tea they are drinking, and see the names and faces of the talented tea farmers and producers involved.
  • We build close communities with tea lovers and our tea buyers from all over the world. With our immersive tea tours designed by our founders themselves, our beloved tea patrons are able to experience Nepal’s authentic traditions and tea cultures, visit our tea farms, spend a few days living right on our tea farms, and experience making Nepali teas with their own hands. 

Getting Your Own Order of Bulk Organic Tea Leaves From Nepal. 

The Himalayan Highlands are closer to you than you think – and Nepal Tea Collective can bring their tea gardens to your very doorstep! If you’d like to receive a sample, or book your bulk organic tea leaves from Nepal, you can get in touch with us by leaving us your contact details here

Happy Sipping!

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